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Apple iPhone helps a mother find her teenage daughter

Apple, back at WWDC 2019 earlier this month, announced that it was merging its Find my Phone and Find my Friend apps into a single app called the Find My app. And now mother of teenager has used one of those apps – the Find my Phone app – to locate her daughter who had been missing for hours.

On June 7, Catrina Cramer Alexander’s 17-year-old Macy Smith ditched the curfew at her home and took off with her car to meet a friend. When she reached the winding road, it started raining, making the pavement slippery. She was on the road when her car hydroplaned and flipped three times before running down into trees into an embankment. “I hydroplaned at 4:00 pm and ran in between 2 trees down an embankment, flipped my car 3 times, and landed in my back seat with my arm pinned in between the car and the ground,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

She immediately started looking for her phone but her phone was no where to be found. Opt of options, she waited for the rescue cars to help her. 28 cars went by but none of them were able to locate her.

On the day of the crash, as WFMY2 News reported, the North Carolina based noticed that her daughter had been at the same location for a long time. When she didn’t respond to any of their text messages and calls, the family knew that something was up and they started looking for her.

As Alexander and her family navigated the dense forest near Pilot Mountain in North Carolina, she noticed the blue dot on her iPhone’s screen getting closer and closer to her daughter’s location. It was only a matter of time when she noticed tire tracks running off the roads. Soon her stepfather and her brother located Macy and her car stuck near a ravine at around 10:30 PM in the night.

Alexander and family had downloaded the Find My Friend app a year ago. When all their messages and calls to Macy went unanswered they used Apple’s Find my Friend app to locate her exact whereabouts before going out and looking for her. Upon locating Macy, the family used the app to contact the emergency services and get her out of the ditch.

“Having that location, if we didn’t have that we would have never known where to look because I think her GPS took her a different way than it normally would have,” Alexander told WXII.

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