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Nasofilter’s Nanoclean AC Filters aim to reduce PM2.5 particles inside your home

Nasofilters, an IIT Delhi based startup, has developed Nanoclean AC filters. These filters are said to turn your AC into an Air purifier and would cost you Rs 399. These filters feature a non-woven structure, which can hold (PM2.5) which is claimed to be possible due to its high dust holding capacity. Unlike usual air purifier cartridges, which posses many components, these are made of PP (polypropylene) that is completely recyclable. The company claims its Nanoclean AC filters can purify a room up to 90 percent in just an hour. The filters apparently don’t put any additional load on the functioning of an AC.

Read the complete press release below

A team of IIT Delhi Professors and Alumni (Nasofilters) has developed innovative Nanoclean AC Filters which will turn an AC into an Air Purifier. Nanoclean AC Filters is a specially designed non-woven structure which is able to retain pollutants (PM2.5) because of its high dust holding capacity. The fabric structure is a proprietary technology of Nasofilters. Nanoclean AC filters are much smaller than those used in room air purifiers. Also, unlike cartridges used in air purifiers which have many components, Nanoclean AC filters are made of pure PP (polypropylene) which can be recycled into other products. These can be melted and reconverted to other products. So, this is an environmentally friendly technology compared to other marketed products.


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