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Rain continues to wreak havoc in China’s southeastern countryside

Beijing: Rain continues to wreak havoc in China’s southeastern countryside since last week. The floods have so far killed 16 people. 3.60 lakh people were affected by this flood. 1350 houses have been broken and more than 1 lakh 50 thousand people have been taken to safer places. According to the Regional Emergency Management department, the floods have been the worst hit in six Chinese cities.

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According to information obtained from the sources, 9 in those cities and 7 people in Guangdong were reported dead. One is still missing. Three parts of the city of Huan are badly hit by floods. More than 1 lakh people are homeless here, while 956 houses have been broken. China has four color systems earmarked for weather-related warnings. The red alert warns of worst dangerous weather. Then comes the number of oranges, yellow and blue.

The Regional Meteorological Bureau on Tuesday issued a yellow alert for flood-hit areas, according to the information. Heavy rain was feared here in the next 24 hours. According to officials, a crop of 3 lakh 38 thousand acres have been wasted in Jiangxi, the southeastern region of China affected by floods. The local administration has deployed 700 fire fighters and more than 200 police officers to help the victims. According to data received at the primary level, the flood has so far lost 540 million dollars.

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