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Best Engineering Colleges: Engineering Excellence

Engineering education in the country is facing a crisis of sorts. Majority of the engineering graduates are unemployable. Those passing out of the elite IITs have traditionally chosen to look for greener pastures abroad.

With a renewed manufacturing and technology push in India, the country, however, needs its engineering graduates to be Industry 4.0 ready.

If we leave aside the IITs, the NITs, and some of the top tier private engineering colleges, most of the private colleges churn out degrees that have not kept pace with the changing times. It’s in times like these that an authoritative ranking of engineering colleges and universities becomes important. The annual BW Businessworld engineering rankings here fill the gap. Powered by BW Education and Team BW’s research, we invited applications from engineering colleges and universities – both government and private.

The schools, then, were ranked on the parameters of research excellence, innovation, teaching excellence, industry engagement and employability, college / university infrastructure, and inclusiveness and social impact.

Through our research and engagement with the engineering colleges, we found that the top schools and universities have understood the needs of the markets – both global and Indian – well and have adapted their curriculum to the latest needs and aspirations.

Little wonder then that the IITs find the pride of place at the top of the table. While NITs are deservedly in the top bracket, some private universities, too, are giving them a run of their money – which proves that if the institutions are given the freedom and autonomy they deserve, even the private colleges and universities can emerge as centres of excellence.

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