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U.S. airstrikes kill up to 18 members of Afghan forces by mistake

An air attack has killed at least 18 Afghan policemen by mistake during a battle with the Taliban outside the provincial capital of Lashkar Gah in Afghanistan’s southern Helmand province, the United States military and Afghan officials said. In this attack, 18 Afghan policemen were killed and 14 are seriously injured.

U.S. officials are “examining the miscommunication to ensure it is not repeated,” Butler said. “We regret this tragic loss of life of our partners.”

Afghan officials in Kabul and Helmand gave conflicting information about the number of casualties, saying that between eight and 18 Afghan soldiers were killed and 14 others were injured.

After the ongoing encounter between Afghan security forces and Taliban militants, help was sought from the American Air Force. It is said that until the help from the United States, the Afghan police was called on to retreat from the security check post of the terrorists on the highway.

The Afghan soldiers had been patrolling near a checkpoint and US Air Force had air strikes. In this attack, terrorists did not suffer so much, but 17 policemen of Afghan police were killed. A spokesman for Helmand province governor Omar Jawak has confirmed the incident and said that it is being investigated. At the same time, Yari Yusuf Ahmadi, from the Taliban, has said that the US military attacked his colleagues and killed 35 policemen, including four commanders.


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