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Planing to buy car? These startups can help

Buying a car can be a tough task due to factors like bank loan, cost of car and quality of second hand vehicle. But, there are several online startups that can help a buyer. The platforms have given online vehicle purchasing a new look and experience, with cutting edge technology. These auto tech startups with their advanced system provide the users with all details of the vehicle, its rating and review. This makes it easier for the buyer to come to decision whether to buy or not. Here are four startups that can help you –


Purchasing a car still resolve around the primitive concept of offline buying. CarPal is the first auto tech startup to approach car buying with an end to end solution. With digitization on the rise, this startup is putting its step forward to change the trends of offline purchasing that has not witnessed a change in the last 15 years. Supported with strategic partnerships and collaborations, CarPal with its mobile application CarMatch assist car buyers understand the best option to choose from, in accordance to their preferences and budget.


The auto tech startup CarsWale has a comprehensive and convenient platform wherein buyers as well as car sellers can research and browse, buy as well as sell. The portal keeps unbiased information with regard to the cars, with addition to expert reviews, owner reviews, detailed comparison and specification with other similar models.


Being the third largest GMV e-commerce platform and one of the largest auto marketplace, Droom holds 78% market share when it comes to automobile transactions made online.

Headquartered in Gurugram and has a team size of 365+. Droom comes with four marketplace formats B2C, C2C, C2B and B2B, and three pricing format, Fixed Price, Best Offer and Auction. With this, the auto tech startup gives a wide variarty of categories, starting from a bicycle to an aeroplane. Additionally, the buyer also gets benefits such as warranty, RSA, insurance and auto loan.


Purchase of second hand cars can be hassle free with Truebil’s end-to-end services on the entire buying or exchange process through easy loan and paper transfer. Moreover, the startup provides the buyer with thousands of cars that are carefully handpicked and inspected, Truebil’s customers not only have ample choice but also the assurance of a detailed report of each car along with pictures. This makes it convenient for the interested buyer to make a rational choice.

With an AI (artificial intelligence) algorithm system, Truebil determines the ideal price of used cars based on various parameters like the condition of the car, geographical and seasonal factors. 


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