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Priyanka Chopra’s Brother Siddharth’s Former Fiancées – Ishitta And Kanika -Are Friends Now! Sailing In The Same Boat And How!

They could be one-off season friends, which means we really don’t know whether it will last. So, we advise that you don’t bet your hard-earned money on speculating whether this bonding will sustain. But yes, ek ajeeb sa rishta ban gaya hai between Priyanka Chopra’s brother Siddharth’s exes, both of whom almost became his wife on separate occasions.

Ishitta and Kanika have become friends on social media!.While why the shaadi with Kanika didn’t happen is still unknown, but if you recall Priyanka’s mother Dr Madhu Chopra had categorically (AND EXCLUSIVELY) told that it was Siddharth who told her that he didn’t feel he was ready to marry Ishitta. “My son also told me that he needed time,” Mrs Chopra had added.

So yeah, going back to the two girls, we are certainly not privy to their private conversations but it is not rocket science to think that they must be largely talking about Siddharth. In fact, when one must have introduced herself to the other, the first topic of conversation must have been Siddharth. 

Obviously, a lot of talking must be happening between Ishitta and Kanika now, maybe even as you’re reading this. And, God knows since when!


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