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‘Thinking About Paris’: Prayers Pour in for Notre Dame Cathedral

The world reacted with shock and horror to the massive fire that engulfed Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral on Monday, 15 April. As the flames tore through the twelfth-century cathedral, prayers poured in on Twitter.

Spain’s prime minister offered to help France in the structure’s recovery. The fire is a “catastrophe for France, for Spain and for Europe,” Pedro Sánchez tweeted, adding that the flames are destroying “850 years of history, architecture, painting and sculpture.”French President Emmanuel Macron told reporters near the scene that he will seek international help, including the “greatest talents” in the world, to rebuild the Notre Dame.

‘It’s a Part of Our Lives,’ Said Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump, speaking in Minnesota, spoke of the “terrible, terrible fire” that devastated “one of the great treasures of the world.”

Trump added, “It’s a part of our growing up, it’s a part of our culture, it’s a part of our lives.”

‘One of the World’s Great Treasures,’ Tweeted Barack Obama

Former US President Barack Obama posted an old photo of himself, his wife, and their two daughters lighting candles in the Notre Dame cathedral.

“Notre Dame is one of the world’s great treasures, and we’re thinking of the people of France in your time of grief. It’s in our nature to mourn when we see history lost – but it’s also in our nature to rebuild for tomorrow, as strong as we can,” Obama wrote on Twitter.

‘Symbol of Christianity in France and in the World’: Vatican

The Vatican said that Pope Francis “has seen with shock and sadness the news of the terrible fire that has devastated the Cathedral of Notre Dame, symbol of Christianity in France and in the world.”

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the archbishop of New York, prayed at St Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan for intercession. “God preserve this splendid house of prayer, and protect those battling the blaze,” Dolan said in a statement.

‘Thinking About Paris’: Prayers Pour in on Twitter

Jeff Ament, bass player for Pearl Jam, remembered spending hours at the cathedral during his first visit, in 1991. “Thinking about Paris,” Ament tweeted, along with old photos of the cathedral.


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