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Tata Sky Referral Program, earn 300 Rs in just two steps

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) implemented the new tariff regime in India to boost the television and broadcast industry towards a much more transparent structure. Of course, there has been a massive renewal in the sector, since subscribers now know all the channels they are paying for, even though monthly prices have gone up.

It can be said that the DTH industry itself has completely restarted after the implementation of the new tariff regime as operators introduce new plans and offers. On the same line, Tata Sky has introduced another referral scheme for its subscribers, where the referrers and the person to whom they refer, both can receive the benefits. In fact, Tata Sky used to offer the same referral program in the past also it has only introduced it again.

Please find the details of the new Tata Sky referral program

How to Make Tata Sky Referrals

It is worth noting that the Tata Sky referral scheme was already available in SMS; however, now Tata Sky has extended the referral offer to its website. Now, Tata Sky subscribers will be able to generate the referral link and make the reference from the Tata Sky website and the mobile app as well.

Tata Sky has detailed that if a subscriber wishes to make a referral, they need to visit the website of Tata Sky or open the mobile app where they must enter his data like name, registered mobile phone number and email. Subscribers need to enter their Tata Sky registered mobile phone number only as the benefit will be credited to the account connected to this mobile phone number. Once customers confirm the subscriber ID of their Tata Sky account, they can proceed to click on the “Refer” button.

Subscribers who make the referral may do so by email or other messaging services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook messenger, etc. Alternatively, subscribers can make a reference by entering the details of their friends as name, mobile and email. Users should keep in mind that their referral will only be taken into account when their friend successfully activates their new Tata Sky account.

Tata Sky Referral Benefits

Tata Sky has also detailed that once you make referrals and your friend successfully activates their Tata Sky account, you will get a credit of Rs 300 in your Tata Sky account. The DTH provider has also clarified that the new friend who joins Tata Sky based on your recommendation will also receive a discount of Rs 600 on his new HD subscription. However, subscribers should keep in mind that they can redeem the Rs 300 credit only for the first three successful activations, although they will be able to make unlimited subscriptions to their friends. The benefit will be credited to the Tata Sky account of the subscribers.


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