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Bad knees or low mood? Blame the way you walk!

The most common problem among the middle-aged is the joint and knee pains. It’s been an ever growing problem which at times need a surgery. But, according to the research scientist Cathy Holt, a professor of biomechanics and orthopedic engineering at Cardiff University, teaching people to change their gait in middle age may save them decades of pain – and avoid the need for later knee replacement surgery.

‘The damage can come about through poor walking habits,’ says Professor Holt.

Put simply, walking with your knees too far apart, or too close together can put excess strain on the inside of the knee.

‘Some people may be naturally a bit bow-legged or knock-kneed,’ says Professor Holt, who is also a spokesperson for the charity Versus Arthritis.

‘However, the way people walk may be affected by a small injury such as a cartilage tear or deformation. As a result, their knees are pushed out from their proper alignment when they take a step.’

The studies have been conducted on various persons and asked them to walk with different styles-such with a wider gait to check if that can make a difference.

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