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‘Recruiters prefer social networks for hiring’

Close to 90% of recruiters use social media in their hiring, out of which more than 80% evaluate the candidate’s experience through LinkedIn, and only 20% rely on Facebook, says a survey.

The recruitment and career solutions portals carried out the survey on the latest trends in recruitment through social networks in Bengaluru. It covered 400 recruiters in Bengaluru across 10 industries, including pharma, media, publishing and retail.

Around 44% of recruiters in 2016 prefer social and professional networks for hiring quality talent when compared with 40% in the previous year. Also, 70% of the recruiters said that they have hired more candidates through social media this year when compared with the previous year.

Founder and CEO of wisdomjobs.comAjay Kolla said, “The usage of social media has continuously increased beyond anticipation, adding to the advantage is the extensive use of smartphones. Many recruiters are looking at all means of hiring with social networking becoming the most sought-after platform by these recruiters.”

According to the survey, the top reasons mentioned for preferring social media to recruit were increased quality of candidates (59%), increased quantity of candidates (44%), reduced time-to-hire (34%) and more employee referrals (30%).

While 18% of recruiters felt that they are experts at social recruiting, 31% said they are still at the beginner level, while almost 50% felt that they are proficient.


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