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WWE Raw: Batista to face Triple H in No Holds Barred match at WrestleMania

Batista cleared why he attacked Ric Flair three weeks ago on WWE Raw and wanted Triple H’s attention by appearing on the red show.

Two weeks after ambushing Ric Flair, Batista made an appearance on WWE Raw and addressed his blockbuster demand to Triple H. A week earlier, Batista chose to stay away from WWE Raw even as Triple H kept looking for him in the building. In Pittsburg, however, the duo came face-to-face – except they were separated by a big contingent of security personnel.

With Triple H in the ring and Batista at the top of the ramp, none of Triple H’s taunts and jibes worked. The 14-time World Champion commanded Batista to “be a man” and fight him? But Batista didn’t budge.

Threats to Big Dave’s security detail? Nothing. Even an insult to Batista’s fashion sense didn’t find a response; against all odds, Batista seemed to have done what he promised and actually bent the situation to his will by refusing to leave until The Game gave him what he wanted.

What he wanted, as it turned out, was a match at WrestleMania against the man he said continuously underestimated and undervalued him. That’s why he ambushed “The Nature Boy,” and that’s all he’d been after – a chance to end both his career, and The Game’s, on his own terms.

If The King of Kings was somewhat outplayed by Batista, however, he still got the last word by declaring the match would be No Holds Barred. The stipulation was fitting: whatever line there was in this rivalry has long since been crossed. Making it official was just semantics.


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