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Jonathan Donne jailed for John ‘Jack’ Williams murder


A convicted killer who murdered a 67-year-old after robbing him in his own home has been jailed for life.

Jonathan Donne, 42, from Swansea, was found guilty of the robbery and murder of John “Jack” Williams on Tuesday.

Mr Williams was tied up and battered in the living room of his Swansea home in March as Donne thought he had a large quantity of drugs and money.

At Swansea Crown Court, Donne was told he must serve at least 31 years before he can be released from prison.

He was also given a 15-year sentence for robbery, which will be served concurrently to his life sentence.

Donne went to Mr Williams’s house because he needed money – he admitted hitting Mr Williams and tying him up, but insisted he was alive when he left.

Mr Williams suffered serious brain and head injuries in the attack having been “stamped on several times,” the court heard.

The victim had been growing and selling cannabis and Donne thought he would have drugs and cash he could steal.

Police found more than 60 cannabis plants in the loft and £10,000 in £20 notes in a locked tin in the kitchen when they searched the house.

In 2008, Donne was jailed for manslaughter after stabbing his girlfriend Michelle Harkett to death in a drug-fuelled row.

Donne was refused parole several times from 2011 until his release in February 2017.

A spokesman said: “The Parole Board want to ensure that all those released do not go on to commit serious further offences.

“The board will be meeting with the other agencies involved in the management of Mr Donne to ensure lessons are learned to help to prevent further tragedies.”

Gemma Owens, 31, and Simon Cairns, 45, both from Swansea, were cleared of robbery, manslaughter and murder after standing trial with Donne.


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