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Dumfries Halloween vandalism spate investigated


Police are investigating a spate of vandalism and antisocial behaviour across Dumfries on Halloween.

A group of up to 15 teenagers in dark clothing was seen in the vicinity of many of the incidents.

Car windscreens were smashed, a house pelted with eggs and one vehicle turned onto its roof.

Police said it was “disappointing” despite all the warnings they had issued that there had been serious problems throughout the town.

The full catalogue of incidents was:

  • 18:00 – fireworks set off near the Aldi store at Cuckoo Bridge
  • 19:00 – a black Renault Clio’s window smashed in College Street
  • 19:15 – a red Nissan Micra’s windscreen broken and two tyres damaged in Osborne Crescent
  • 19:30 – a red Vauxhall Corsa pelted by “unknown objects” in the Tesco car park at Cuckoo Bridge
  • 20:10 – a house door kicked open in McGeoch Drive and youths being “abusive” to the householder
  • 20:20 – a blue Vauxhall Corsa turned onto its roof in a car park off Priory Road
  • 21:00 – stones thrown at a house in Ellisland Drive and occupants abused
  • 21:30 – a house in Ewart Walk pelted with eggs

Insp Claire Walker said: “It is disappointing that despite all our warnings to young people to behave while out and about at Halloween we have had reports of some serious antisocial behaviour and vandalism across the town.

“The cost of the damage will easily run into thousands of pounds.”

She urged anyone who could help to identify the youths involved to come forward.

“With Bonfire Night coming up our patrols will be out and about in order to tackle this unacceptable behaviour and those caught carrying out any acts of antisocial behaviour will be dealt with robustly,” she added.

“I would also urge the public to help us tackle this issue and to call us at the time when they come across or experience this type of behaviour in our communities.”


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