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Swansea Murder: One guilty and two innocent


A 42-year-old man has been found guilty of murdering a man at his home in Swansea in March with two of the other defendants innocent of the allegations against them.

Jonathan Donne has also been found guilty of robbery at Swansea Crown Court.

Donne, together with Gemma Owen, 31, and Simon Cairns, 46, were accused of murdering John “Jack” Williams, 67, during theft in his home in the Bonymaen area.

Simon Cairns has been found guilty of all the charges against him and has been released “without damaging his reputation”.

Gemma Owen, who spent 28 days locked up as a result of theft of the past, has also been found guilty of all the charges.

‘Yes of imprisonment’

Mr Williams, 67, was found on the floor of his living room with his hands tied behind his back.

Donne told the court during the case that he and his friend Simon Cairns had planned to steal Mr Williams after hearing that the pensioner grew cannabis.

When being interrogated by Christopher Clee, his lawyer, Donne said he had not intended to injure Mr Williams.

He said tears in full: “He could not believe he had happened and he was dead. He could not believe, I just tied him up.”

He said after escaping with a supply of drugs that he had begun to worry about Mr Williams’s condition, and he had proposed to take a taxi back to the property.

A hearing will be held to sent Donne on Thursday.

Mr Justice Lewis’s judge said that Donne would face a prison sentence for life with the minimum yet underestimated.


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