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‘Need to devolve policing and justice’


The current justice arrangements in Wales are not appropriate, and the devolution of policing and justice is needed to ensure a fair and equal system, according to the Counsel General.

Jeremy Miles will outline his vision for the justice system in Wales at an event organized by the Law Society on Monday.

He is expected to say that there is a need for “vision” in Wales, in order to “reflect the particular values ​​and characteristics of Welsh society”.

He will also say that “one of the biggest challenges to a fair and equal justice system is the increasing pressures caused by the ongoing funding cuts”.

“In Wales we have seen disproportionately high cuts to legal aid compared to the cuts seen for England and Wales.

“The Legal Aid provision is facing a crisis in the UK today and we have to act.”


He is also expected to say that the merger of justice with public services is a “bigger challenge”.

“Our current system of governance is complex, confusing and inconsistent with the rest of the United Kingdom and devolved legislatures around the world.”

“This will have an impact on our ability to provide co-ordinated, efficient and effective public services for Wales.”

Referring to the Justice Week’s activities program, she said that it was important to “place a leading role in the law and the rule of law both politically and publicly, especially during a period of significant change”.


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