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Steph McGovern: ‘Creepy’ Donald Trump called me beautiful


The business reporter said she was interviewing Mr Trump when he made the comments.

But she brushed them off by telling him she had heard “better lines” in Middlesbrough’s Club Bongo.

McGovern, 36, recalled the exchange while appearing as a guest host.

She said Mr Trump had told her: “I’m going to leave the room to make myself look better, because if we do this interview now everyone is just going to be staring at you and not listening to me.”

After pretending to gag she added: “It’s because he thought that would be the best way to disarm me.

“He thought as a female journalist, he thought that was the best thing to say to me rather than: ‘Oh, I watched your piece on mobile phone insurance last week.”‘

McGovern said she was unruffled by his comments and told him: “Aye love, I’ve heard better lines than that down Club Bongo.”

In the interview McGovern grilled Mr Trump about his status as a business tycoon, his previous bid for the US presidency in 2012, and whether his wealth made him happy.

McGovern was hosting the panel show for the first time alongside regular team captains Ian Hislop and Paul Merton and guest panellists Richard Osman and broadcaster Dame Joan Bakewell.


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