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Centre dismisses report on India unsafe for women

New Delhi: The women and Child Development Ministry today dismissed as “clearly inaccurate” a survey that ranked India the world’s most dangerous country for women, saying the report is based on perception of “unknown person’s”.

A senior WCD official said the Ministry has asked the Thomson Reuters Foundation,which conducted the survey, for details on the experts to ascertain the reports authenticity, but no reply has been received yet.

The Thomson Reuters Foundation, after a survey of about 550 experts on women’s issues, has ranked India the world’s most dangerous country for women, fallowed by war-torn Afghanistan and syria, due to the high risk of sexual violence.

The WCD said the Reuters used a flawed methodology to arrive at conclusion.

“The ranking is based on a perception poll based on responses to simply six questions. The results are not derived from any kind of data and are solely based on inherently subjective opinions,” the Ministry said in a statement.

” Further the poll has been conducted with 548 respondents, which have been defined by Reuters as ‘ experts focused on women’s issues’. However, information on their designation, credentials , country of expertise or qualifications is not available this reliability is an issue,” said.

The methodology given by the organisation also includes ‘policy- makers ‘ as one of the respondents. However, no information or opinion has been sought from this Ministry regarding this poll,it added.

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