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Pakistani Begger Aboard Flight, Passengers were Shocked

Social media is one place to share all the videos and to find the best videos. It’s always swarmed with videos that amaze everyone. Recently a new video surfaced where a Begger is seen on board, in a flight from Karachi to Bangkok.

The video is spreading like wildfire and people are making speculations that he was a Pakistani.
However, Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has denied the rumours that the “beggar” was a Pakistani citizen.

According to them the Begger was on Qatar Airways flight and has nothing to do with Pakistan, adding to that they said, the video had been shot on a flight from Doha to Shiraz and not anywhere in Pakistan.

However, people have already made up their mind and continue to claim that the Beggar was Pakistani on the flight.

The question is how did the Begger be able to board the plane and beg in the flight.

In the video its been shown that the Beggar is standing inside the flight and begging, while officials come and talk with him trying to get him off the plane. He stands there with full dignity and continues to have a conversation with officials and beg from the people on board.

He was unarmed and was harmless to anyone, but still, the question arises how did he manage to get on board on a plane. Does this show low-security majors taken by flight attendants? If so its a big question mark for the security of people travelling through the plane.

In the video, which shows him begging. What comes delightfully as people were not giving him mean comments or anything. In fact, people offered him money in the plane, still unclear how he managed the ticket or his way inside the plane.

But one thing is clear, he didn’t manage to get in the plane but also in a video which has gone entirely viral over the internet.
People are reacting to the video and sharing it all across the globe.

He inevitably brought amazed and smiles on faces of many people as well as brought some security questions if there are any loopholes in the protocol.

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