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IPL Fever -:Rohit track on Chennai

Within hours, cricket fans will be eagerly looking forward to opening the IPL Mahasamgam. The two strong teams are going to fight against the Chennai-Indians Chennai Super Kings. Fans are unhappy that Mumbai captain Rohit’s performance in Chennai has been poor. Is Rohit shining in today’s match? Will you get fan ratings? Rohit’s record against Dhoni
Mumbai captain Rohit Sharma made the record for the second highest run scorer of the ICC Super Kings (535). Virat Kohli (706) was the top scorer.
Rohit, who scored 4207 runs in 159 matches in an IPL career, has an average of 32.61 and a strike rate of 130.89.

Rohit Sharma scored 535 runs against Chennai. Average 28.15, strike rate 124.12 was registered.

While Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings played 24 times in IPL and Champions League T20, Mumbai have played 13 matches and Chennai in 11 matches.

The Mumbai Chelsea was the last IPL final on May 24, 2015. In Mumbai, Mumbai scored 41 runs to reach the cup


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